Frequently Asked Questions

When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item. Other bidders won't know your maximum bid amount.

After receiving your maximum bid, our system automatically places bids on your behalf starting with the next bid increment (10% of the opening bid). This means you don't have to keep coming back to rebid every time another bid is placed. This feature ensures that you remain the highest bidder until bidding reaches your maximum amount.

If another bidder placed the same bid before you or a higher maximum bid, we'll let you know that you've been outbid so that you can place another bid. However, if no other bidder has a higher maximum bid at the end of the auction, you win the item, even if your bid doesn't go as high as your maximum bid. You could pay significantly less than your maximum price.

The bidding increment is 10% of the item's opening bid. Please note that not all increments will be displayed in the bid history as a result of maximum bidding. Maximum bids of the same amount will not be recorded. Whoever placed the bid first will show in the bid history.

Example: You place a max bid of $65 on an item with an opening bid of $50. Bid history shows that you are currently the highest bidder at $50. Another bid comes in at $55. The system increases your bid to $60. A fourth bidder places a max bid of $70. Your $65 bid will not be displayed. The next bid displayed will be $70, even though that is not a 10% increment.

As a rule, retracting bids is not allowed on Shop Housing Works. When you are the winning bidder, you are obligated to pay the high-bid price for the item.

No. Bids with dollar signs and commas will be rejected. Use only decimal points.

Automatic notification emails are sent to highest bidders. Reception of automatic emails is not guaranteed. All bidders are strongly urged to check the website after the auction closes to find out if they won. It is the winner's responsibility to pay for and, when applicable, pick-up only items within 48 hours of auction closings, regardless of whether email confirmations are received. When time permits, courtesy calls are made to highest bidders. Courtesy calls are not guaranteed.

Auction items may be paid for in person at the items listed location or online after the auction has closed. All online payments must be made through PayPal. Items you've won will show up as “awaiting payment” in your account. Follow the on-screen instructions to add the items to your shopping cart. Once you have all the items you want in your shopping cart, click 'Continue' to proceed to checkout.

Small, non-breakable items are shippable nationwide by Fed-Ex or can be picked up in the store. All large items must be picked up in store or may be delivered through a moving company limited to the New York City area. It is the buyer's responsibility to hire movers for in-store pickup. Housing Works does not provide delivery services.

Yes. For multiple items in one order you will be charged our standard shipping fee.

TBD based on PayPal calculation process.

If you typed an apostrophe while attempting to create a new account, please delete it and try again. If you continue to receive an error message, please contact customer service at, or 718-786-3516 Ext 4757.

All auction sales are final unless an item has been grossly misrepresented. If you feel an item you have purchased or would like to purchase has been grossly misrepresented, please email us at, or call us at 718-786-3516 Ext 4757.

Items on our website, as with the items in our stores, come from people just like you. We depend on your donations to keep us going. Learn more about donating to Housing Works Thrift Shops.

Gift cards are redeemable at all 10 Housing Works Thrift Shops and the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, but they are not redeemable for online auction purchases.

All of the proceeds from our online sales go toward providing housing, healthcare, and supportive services to homeless New Yorkers who are affected by HIV/AIDS. Learn more about Housing Works.

Everything on our website has been inspected for flaws and damage. There will be no unmentioned flaws. Common or minute signs of gentle use may not be included in the descriptions. Items are not officially appraised, certified, or authenticated. Our vintage and authenticity commentary is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but we cannot guarantee that it is 100% factual. All measurements are approximate.

Please allow up to 14 business days for your order to be delivered.

Housing Works ships all orders via FedEx Home Delivery service. Shipping fees are determined at checkout with the FedEx Shipping Calculator. We do not offer expedited shipping.

We ship to the U.S.A. & Canada. International shipping is available upon request. Any further questions regarding International shipping please email:

Orders with a subtotal of $110 or more, and all orders with Jewelry are shipped ""signature required"". A request to have an order shipped with no signature requirements must be emailed to An email response with confirmation will be sent when the change has been made.

Tracking numbers are emailed directly from FedEx, to the email address associated with your Housing Works account. You will receive the tracking number once FedEx has picked up your order. Please check your spam and or junk mailbox if you have not received a tracking number in 14 business days.

Requesting an address change must be sent to within 24 hours. An email response with confirmation will be sent when the change has been made.

Multiple orders cannot be combined for shipment. All items shipped together must have the same order number.

Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise stated, all items are used. We have tried to provide the maximum amount of information regarding physical condition to the best of our knowledge. Please take the time to carefully read the description before bidding. We do our best to proofread all posting prior to an auction opening, but we make mistakes from time to time. Please email or call 718-786-3516 Ext 4757 if you feel an item has a description mistake or if you purchased an item that you feel was not described properly on the site.

Please complete your account information correctly, incomplete or false account information (e.g. undeliverable email addresses or incorrect phone numbers) will be disabled. Items must be paid for within 48 hours of the end of the auction. After 48 hours without payment, the item may be offered to the next highest bidder. Bidders who repeatedly fail to pay for items will be prevented from placing any future bids. Items being picked up must be removed from the store within 48 hours of closing. Items that have been paid for but not picked up within 48 hours may be offered to the next bidder. No refunds will be offered for paid items that are not picked up.

Photo ID is required for in-store pick-up of any item(s) paid for online. The photo ID must match the billing information verified during PayPal payment. No paid items will be released for pick-up without billing information verification.

We are happy to provide pickup extensions (but not payment extensions) on occasion. Please contact us at or 718-786-3516 Ext 4757 to request an extension. You are also invited to call the stores directly and speak with a manager regarding pickup extensions.

We will not be responsible for errors or failures to execute bids placed on the internet, including, without limitation, errors or failures caused by (i) a loss of internet connection by either party for whatever reason; (ii) a breakdown or problems with the online bidding software and/or (iii) a breakdown or problems with your internet connection, computer or system.

All items are located in the New York City area. We will ship any item that's shippable via Fed-Ex Home Delivery service. Please allow up to 14 business days for delivery. Orders will not be combined after payment is received. If you want multiple items shipped together, they must all be paid for in one transaction. For more information, please review our shipping policy in the FAQs.

Furniture and some larger items are not available for shipping. Please check the item's page to determine whether the item is shippable. If the item is posted as “pick-up only,” the buyer is responsible for having it removed from the store within 48 hours of the auction's closing. Housing Works does not provide local delivery or moving services. Items can be paid for and picked up at the store location that hosted the auctions. Items cannot be transferred between shops for pickup.

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